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Author: Narayan, N; Morenos, L; Phipson, B; Willis, SN; Brumatti, G; Eggers, S; Lalaoui, N; Brown, LM; Kosasih, HJ; Bartolo, RC; Zhou, L; Catchpoole, D; Saffery, R; Oshlack, A; Goodall, GJ; Ekert, PG
Date Of Publication: 2017-04
Journal Title: Leukemia

Author: Zhang, Y; Collier, F; Naselli, G; Saffery, R; Tang, ML; Allen, KJ; Ponsonby, AL; Harrison, LC; Vuillermin, P; BISInvestigator Group,
Date Of Publication: 2016-01-13
Journal Title: Sci Transl Med

Author: Wong, NC; Ng, J; Hall, NE; Lunke, S; Salmanidis, M; Brumatti, G; Ekert, PG; Craig, JM; Saffery, R
Date Of Publication: 2013-07
Journal Title: GENOMICS

Author: Gordon, L; Joo, JHE; Andronikos, R; Ollikainen, M; Wallace, EM; Umstad, MP; Permezel, M; Oshlack, A; Morley, R; Carlin, JB; Saffery, R; Smyth, GK; Craig, JM
Date Of Publication: 2011-05
Journal Title: EPIGENETICS

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