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Author: Schuelein, R; Spencer, H; Dagley, LF; Li, PF; Luo, L; Stow, JL; Abraham, G; Naderer, T; Gomez-Valero, L; Buchrieser, C; Sugimoto, C; Yamagishi, J; Webb, AI; Pasricha, S; Hartland, EL
Date Of Publication: 2018-04-24
Journal Title: Cell Microbiol

Author: Speir, M; Vogrin, A; Seidi, A; Abraham, G; Hunot, S; Han, Q; Dorn, GW, 2nd; Masters, SL; Flavell, RA; Vince, JE; Naderer, T
Date Of Publication: 2017
Journal Title: Front Cell Infect Microbiol

Author: Abraham, G; Rohmer, A; Tye-Din, JA; Inouye, M
Date Of Publication: 2015
Journal Title: Genome Med

Author: Abraham, G; Tye-Din, JA; Bhalala, OG; Kowalczyk, A; Zobel, J; Inouye, M
Date Of Publication: 2014-02
Journal Title: PLoS genetics

Author: Abraham, G; Kowalczyk, A; Zobel, J; Inouye, M
Date Of Publication: 2012-05-10

Author: Goudey, B; Wang, Q; Rawlinson, D; Zarnegar, A; Kikianty, E; Markham, J; Macintyre, G; Abraham, G; Stern, L; Inouye, M; Haviv, I; Kowalczyk, A
Date Of Publication: 2011-11-21

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