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Author: Tan, C; Byrne, EFX; Ah-Cann, C; Call, MJ; Call, ME
Date Of Publication: 2019-02
Journal Title: Journal of Biological Chemistry

Author: Kersbergen, A; Best, SA; Dworkin, S; Ah-Cann, C; de Vries, ME; Asselin-Labat, ML; Ritchie, ME; Jane, SM; Sutherland, KD
Date Of Publication: 2018-11
Journal Title: Developmental Biology

Author: Weeden, CE; Ah-Cann, C; Holik, AZ; Pasquet, J; GARNIER, JM; Merino, D; Lessene, G; Asselin-Labat, ML
Date Of Publication: 2018
Journal Title: Oncogene

Author: Su, S; Law, CW; Ah-Cann, C; Asselin-Labat, ML; Blewitt, ME; Ritchie, ME
Date Of Publication: 2017-07-01
Journal Title: Bioinformatics

Author: Ah-Cann, C; Tailler, M; Kueh, AJ; Herold, MJ; Opferman, JT; Asselin-Labat, ML; Bouillet, P
Date Of Publication: 2016-12-01
Journal Title: Cell Death Dis

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