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Author: Spring, M; Murphy, J; Nielse, R; Dowler, M; Bennett, JW; Zarling, S; Williams, J; De La Vega, P; Ware, L; Komisar, J; Polhemus, M; Richie, TL; Epstein, J; Tamminga, C; Chuang, I; Richie, N; O'Neil, M; Heppner, DG; Healer, J; O'Neill, M; Smithers, H; Finney, OC; Mikolajczak, SA; Wang, RB; Cowman, A; Ockenhouse, C; Krzych, U; Kappe, SHI
Date Of Publication: 2013-10
Journal Title: Vaccine

Author: Zarling, S; Spring, M; Ehrler, L; Chalom, I; Funk, T; Cowman, A; Ockenhouse, C; Speake, C; Heppner, D; Duffy, P; Kappe, S; Krzych, U
Date Of Publication: 2012-01-01

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