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Author: Nolan, E; Savas, P; Policheni, AN; Darcy, PK; Vaillant, F; Mintoff, CP; Dushyanthen, S; Mansour, M; Pang, JB; Fox, SB; Kathleen Cuningham Foundation Consortium for Research into Familial Breast, Cancer; Perou, CM; Visvader, JE; Gray, DHD; Loi, S; Lindeman, GJ
Date Of Publication: 2017-06-07
Journal Title: Science Translational Medicine

Author: Miranda, PJ; Buckley, D; Raghu, D; Pang, JB; Takano, EA; Vijayakumaran, R; Teunisse, AF; Posner, A; Procter, T; Herold, MJ; Gamell, C; Marine, JC; Fox, SB; Jochemsen, A; Haupt, S; Haupt, Y
Date Of Publication: 2017-04
Journal Title: J Pathol

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