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Author: Nguitragool, W; Mueller, I; Kumpitak, C; Saeseu, T; Bantuchai, S; Yorsaeng, R; Yimsamran, S; Maneeboonyang, W; Sa-Angchai, P; Chaimungkun, W; Rukmanee, P; Puangsa-Art, S; Thanyavanich, N; Koepfli, C; Felger, I; Sattabongkot, J; Singhasivanon, P
Date Of Publication: 2017-10-24
Journal Title: Parasites & Vectors

Author: Longley, RJ; Franca, CT; White, MT; Kumpitak, C; Sa-Angchai, P; Gruszczyk, J; Hostetler, JB; Yadava, A; King, CL; Fairhurst, RM; Rayner, JC; Tham, WH; Nguitragool, W; Sattabongkot, J; Mueller, I
Date Of Publication: 2017-04-28
Journal Title: Malar J

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