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Author: Wirasinha, RC; Chan, A; Yap, JY; Hu, DY; Teh, CE; Gray, DHD; Goodnow, CC; Daley, SR
Date Of Publication: 2019-12
Journal Title: Cell Death and Differentiation

Author: Koay, HF; Su, S; Amann-Zalcenstein, D; Daley, SR; Comerford, I; Miosge, L; Whyte, CE; Konstantinov, IE; d'Udekem, Y; Baldwin, T; Hickey, PF; Berzins, SP; Mak, JYW; Sontani, Y; Roots, CM; Sidwell, T; Kallies, A; Chen, Z; Nussing, S; Kedzierska, K; Mackay, LK; McColl, SR; Deenick, EK; Fairlie, DP; McCluskey, J; Goodnow, CC; Ritchie, ME; Belz, GT; Naik, SH; Pellicci, DG; Godfrey, DI
Date Of Publication: 2019-11-22
Journal Title: Science Immunology

Author: Daley, SR; Teh, C; Hu, DY; Strasser, A; Gray, DHD
Date Of Publication: 2017-05
Journal Title: Immunology Reviews

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