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Author: Pleines, I; Woods, J; Chappaz, S; Kew, V; Foad, N; Ballester-Beltran, J; Aurbach, K; Lincetto, C; Lane, RM; Schevzov, G; Alexander, WS; Hilton, DJ; Astle, WJ; Downes, K; Nurden, P; Westbury, SK; Mumford, AD; Obaji, SG; Collins, PW; Delerue, F; Ittner, LM; Bryce, NS; Holliday, M; Lucas, CA; Hardeman, EC; Ouwehand, WH; Gunning, PW; Turro, E; Tijssen, MR; Kile, BT
Date Of Publication: 2017-03-01
Journal Title: J Clin Invest

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