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Author: Dobrolecki, LE; Airhart, SD; Alferez, DG; Aparicio, S; Behbod, F; Bentires-Alj, M; Brisken, C; Bult, CJ; Cai, S; Clarke, RB; Dowst, H; Ellis, MJ; Gonzalez-Suarez, E; Iggo, RD; Kabos, P; Li, S; Lindeman, GJ; Marangoni, E; McCoy, A; Meric-Bernstam, F; Piwnica-Worms, H; Poupon, MF; Reis-Filho, J; Sartorius, CA; Scabia, V; Sflomos, G; Tu, Y; Vaillant, F; Visvader, JE; Welm, A; Wicha, MS; Lewis, MT
Date Of Publication: 2016-12
Journal Title: Cancer Metastasis Rev

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