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Author: Kiattibutr, K; Roobsoong, W; Sriwichai, P; Saeseu, T; Rachaphaew, N; Suansomjit, C; Buates, S; Obadia, T; Mueller, I; Cui, L; Nguitragool, W; Sattabongkot, J
Date Of Publication: 2017-12-30
Journal Title: Int J Parasitol

Author: Koepfli, C; Ome-Kaius, M; Jally, S; Malau, E; Maripal, S; Ginny, J; Timinao, L; Kattenberg, JH; Obadia, T; White, M; Rarau, P; Senn, N; Barry, AE; Kazura, JW; Mueller, I; Robinson, LJ
Date Of Publication: 2017-09-23
Journal Title: Journal of Infectious Diseases

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