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Author: Rodriguez-Rodriguez, D; Maraga, S; Jamea-Maiasa, S; Tandrapah, A; Makita, L; Siba, PM; Mueller, I; Pulford, J; Hetzel, M
Date Of Publication: 2019-11-07
Journal Title: Geospatial Health

Author: Thomsen, EK; Koimbu, G; Pulford, J; Jamea-Maiasa, S; Ura, Y; Keven, JB; Siba, PM; Mueller, I; Hetzel, MW; Reimer, LJ
Date Of Publication: 2017-03-01
Journal Title: Journal of Infectious Diseases

Author: Hetzel, MW; Pulford, J; Ura, Y; Jamea-Maiasa, S; Tandrapah, A; Tarongka, N; Lorry, L; Robinson, LJ; Lilley, K; Makita, L; Siba, PM; Mueller, I
Date Of Publication: 2017
Journal Title: Bull. WHO

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