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Author: Blombery, P; Thompson, E; Ryland, GL; Joyce, R; Byrne, DJ; Khoo, C; Lade, S; Hertzberg, M; Hapgood, G; Marlton, P; Deva, A; Lindeman, G; Fox, S; Westerman, D; Prince, M
Date Of Publication: 2018-11-16
Journal Title: Oncotarget

Author: Tam, CS; Anderson, MA; Pott, C; Agarwal, R; Handunnetti, S; Hicks, RJ; Burbury, K; Turner, G; Di Iulio, J; Bressel, M; Westerman, D; Lade, S; Dreyling, M; Dawson, SJ; Dawson, MA; Seymour, JF; Roberts, AW
Date Of Publication: 2018-03-29
Journal Title: New England Journal of Medicine

Author: Anderson, MA; Tam, C; Lew, TE; Juneja, S; Juneja, M; Westerman, D; Wall, M; Lade, S; Gorelik, A; Huang, DCS; Seymour, JF; Roberts, AW
Date Of Publication: 2017
Journal Title: Blood

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