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Author: Michie, J; Beavis, PA; Freeman, AJ; Vervoort, SJ; Ramsbottom, KM; Narasimhan, V; Lelliott, EJ; Lalaoui, N; Ramsay, RG; Johnstone, RW; Silke, J; Darcy, PK; Voskoboinik, I; Kearney, CJ; Oliaro, J
Date Of Publication: 2019-02
Journal Title: Cancer Immunol Research

Author: Kearney, CJ; Vervoort, SJ; Hogg, SJ; Ramsbottom, KM; Freeman, AJ; Lalaoui, N; Pijpers, L; Michie, J; Brown, KK; Knight, DA; Sutton, V; Beavis, PA; Voskoboinik, I; Darcy, PK; Silke, J; Trapani, JA; Johnstone, RW; Oliaro, J
Date Of Publication: 2018-05-18
Journal Title: Science Immunology

Author: Kearney, CJ; Lalaoui, N; Freeman, AJ; Ramsbottom, KM; Silke, J; Oliaro, J
Date Of Publication: 2017-06-30
Journal Title: Cell Death and Differentiation

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