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Author: Cohen, JD; Li, L; Wang, Y; Thoburn, C; Afsari, B; Danilova, L; Douville, C; Javed, AA; Wong, F; Mattox, A; Hruban, RH; Wolfgang, CL; Goggins, MG; Dal Molin, M; Wang, TL; Roden, R; Klein, AP; Ptak, J; Dobbyn, L; Schaefer, J; Silliman, N; Popoli, M; Vogelstein, JT; Browne, JD; Schoen, RE; Brand, RE; Tie, J; Gibbs, P; Wong, HL; Mansfield, AS; Jen, J; Hanash, SM; Falconi, M; Allen, PJ; Zhou, S; Bettegowda, C; Diaz, L; Tomasetti, C; Kinzler, KW; Vogelstein, B; Lennon, AM; Papadopoulos, N
Date Of Publication: 2018-01-18
Journal Title: Science

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