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Author: Fernandez-Ruiz, D; Lau, LS; Ghazanfari, N; Jones, CM; Ng, WY; Davey, GM; Berthold, D; Holz, L; Kato, Y; Enders, MH; Bayarsaikhan, G; Hendriks, SH; Lansink, LIM; Engel, JA; Soon, MSF; James, KR; Cozijnsen, A; Mollard, V; Uboldi, AD; Tonkin, CJ; de Koning-Ward, TF; Gilson, PR; Kaisho, T; Haque, A; Crabb, BS; Carbone, FR; McFadden, GI; Heath, WR
Date Of Publication: 2017-10-30
Journal Title: Journal of Immunology

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