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Author: Moraleda, C; Aguilar, R; Quinto, L; Nhampossa, T; Renom, M; Nhabomba, A; Acacio, S; Aponte, JJ; Nhalungo, D; Achtman, AH; Schofield, L; Martins, H; Macete, E; Alonso, PL; Menendez, C
Date Of Publication: 2017-02-28
Journal Title: BMC Pediatr

Author: Aguilar, R; Magallon-Tejada, A; Achtman, AH; Moraleda, C; Joice, R; Cistero, P; Suen, Csnlw; Nhabomba, A; Macete, E; Mueller, I; Marti, M; Alonso, PL; Menendez, C; Schofield, L; Mayor, A
Date Of Publication: 2014-02
Journal Title: Blood

Author: Guinovart, C; Dobano, C; Bassat, Q; Nhabomba, A; Quinto, L; Manaca, MN; Aguilar, R; Rodriguez, MH; Barbosa, A; Aponte, JJ; Mayor, AG; Renom, M; Moraleda, C; Roberts, DJ; Schwarzer, E; Le Souef, PN; Schofield, L; Chitnis, CE; Doolan, DL; Alonso, PL
Date Of Publication: 2012-03-07
Journal Title: PLOS ONE

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