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Author: Sant, S; Jenkins, MR; Dash, P; Watson, KA; Wang, Z; Pizzolla, A; Koutsakos, M; Nguyen, TH; Lappas, M; Crowe, J; Loudovaris, T; Mannering, SI; Westall, GP; Kotsimbos, TC; Cheng, AC; Wakim, L; Doherty, PC; Thomas, PG; Loh, L; Kedzierska, K
Date Of Publication: 2019
Journal Title: Clinical & Translational Immunology

Author: Roquilly, A; McWilliam, HEG; Jacqueline, C; Tian, Z; Cinotti, R; Rimbert, M; Wakim, L; Caminschi, I; Lahoud, MH; Belz, GT; Kallies, A; Mintern, JD; Asehnoune, K; Villadangos, JA
Date Of Publication: 2017-07-18
Journal Title: Immunity

Author: Mackay, LK; Wakim, L; van Vliet, CJ; Jones, CM; Mueller, SN; Bannard, O; Fearon, DT; Heath, WR; Carbone, FR
Date Of Publication: 2012-03-01

Author: Bedoui, S; Whitney, PG; Waithman, J; Eidsmo, L; Wakim, L; Caminschi, I; Allan, RS; Wojtasiak, M; Shortman, K; Carbone, FR; Brooks, AG; Heath, WR
Date Of Publication: 2009-05

Author: Carbone, FR; Wakim, L; Gebhardt, T; Heath, WR
Date Of Publication: 2008-04-01
Journal Title: FASEB JOURNAL

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