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Author: Ziegler, PK; Bollrath, J; Pallangyo, CK; Matsutani, T; Canli, O; De Oliveira, T; Diamanti, MA; Muller, N; Gamrekelashvili, J; Putoczki, T; Horst, D; Mankan, AK; Oner, MG; Muller, S; Muller-Hocker, J; Kirchner, T; Slotta-Huspenina, J; Taketo, MM; Reinheckel, T; Drose, S; Larner, AC; Wels, WS; Ernst, M; Greten, TF; Arkan, MC; Korn, T; Wirth, D; Greten, FR
Date Of Publication: 2018-06-11
Journal Title: Cell

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