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Author: Domingo, E; Camps, C; Kaisaki, PJ; Parsons, MJ; Mouradov, D; Pentony, MM; Makino, S; Palmieri, M; Ward, RL; Hawkins, NJ; Gibbs, P; Askautrud, H; Oukrif, D; Wang, H; Wood, J; Tomlinson, E; Bark, Y; Kaur, K; Johnstone, EC; Palles, C; Church, DN; Novelli, M; Danielsen, HE; Sherlock, J; Kerr, D; Kerr, R; Sieber, O; Taylor, JC; Tomlinson, I
Date Of Publication: 2018-07-02
Journal Title: Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology

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