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Author: Almeida, FF; Tognarelli, S; Marçais, A; Kueh, AJ; Friede, ME; Liao, Y; Willis, SN; Luong, K; Faure, F; Mercier, FE; Galluso, J; Firth, M; Narni-Mancinelli, E; Rais, B; Scadden, DT; Spallotta, F; Weil, S; Giannattasio, A; Kalensee, F; Zöller, T; Huntington, ND; Schleicher, U; Chiocchetti, AG; Ugolini, S; Herold, MJ; Shi, W; Koch, J; Steinle, A; Vivier, E; Walzer, T; Belz, GT; Ullrich, E
Date Of Publication: 2018-08-15
Journal Title: OncoImmunology

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