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Author: DiNardo, CD; Tiong, IS; Quaglieri, A; Macraild, S; Loghavi, S; Brown, FC; Thijssen, R; Pomilio, G; Ivey, A; Salmon, J; Glytsou, C; Fleming, SA; Zhang, Q; Ma, H; Patel, KP; Kornblau, SM; Xu, Z; Chua, CC; Chen, X; Blombery, P; Flensburg, C; Cummings, N; Aifantis, I; Kantarjian, H; Huang, DCS; Roberts, AW; Majewski, IJ; Konopleva, M; Wei, AH
Date Of Publication: 2020-01-13
Journal Title: Blood

Author: Moujalled, DM; Pomilio, G; Ghiurau, C; Ivey, A; Salmon, J; Rijal, S; Macraild, S; Zhang, L; Teh, TC; Tiong, IS; Lan, P; Chanrion, M; Claperon, A; Rocchetti, F; Zichi, A; Kraus-Berthier, L; Wang, Y; Halilovic, E; Morris, E; Colland, F; Segal, D; Huang, D; Roberts, AW; Maragno, AL; Lessene, G; Geneste, O; Wei, AH
Date Of Publication: 2018-09-10
Journal Title: Leukemia

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