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Author: Caenepeel, S; Brown, SP; Belmontes, B; Moody, G; Keegan, KS; Chui, D; Whittington, DA; Huang, X; Poppe, L; Cheng, AC; Cardozo, M; Houze, J; Li, Y; Lucas, B; Paras, NA; Wang, X; Taygerly, JP; Vimolratana, M; Zancanella, M; Zhu, L; Cajulis, E; Osgood, T; Sun, J; Damon, L; Egan, RK; Greninger, P; McClanaghan, JD; Gong, J; Moujalled, D; Pomilio, G; Beltran, P; Benes, CH; Roberts, AW; Huang, DCS; Wei, A; Canon, J; Coxon, A; Hughes, PE
Date Of Publication: 2018-09-25
Journal Title: Cancer Discovery

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