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Author: Leong, TL; Gayevskiy, V; Steinfort, DP; De Massy, MR; Gonzalez-Rajal, A; Marini, KD; Stone, E; Chin, V; Havryk, A; Plit, M; Irving, LB; Jennings, BR; McCloy, RA; Jayasekara, WSN; Alamgeer, M; Boolell, V; Field, A; Russell, PA; Kumar, B; Gough, DJ; Szczepny, A; Ganju, V; Rossello, FJ; Cain, JE; Papenfuss, AT; Asselin-Labat, ML; Cowley, MJ; Watkins, DN
Date Of Publication: 2018-10-22
Journal Title: Oncogene

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