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Author: Murchison, EP; Schulz-Trieglaff, OB; Ning, ZM; Alexandrov, LB; Bauer, MJ; Fu, BY; Hims, M; Ding, ZH; Ivakhno, S; Stewart, C; Ng, BL; Wong, WD; Aken, B; White, S; Alsop, A; Becq, J; Bignell, GR; Cheetham, RK; Cheng, W; Connor, TR; Cox, AJ; Feng, ZP; Gu, Y; Grocock, RJ; Harris, SR; Khrebtukova, I; Kingsbury, Z; Kowarsky, M; Kreiss, A; Luo, SJ; Marshall, J; McBride, DJ; Murray, L; Pearse, AM; Raine, K; Rasolonjatovo, I; Shaw, R; Tedder, P; Tregidgo, C; Vilella, AJ; Wedge, DC; Woods, GM; Gormley, N; Humphray, S; Schroth, G; Smith, G; Hall, K; Searle, SMJ; Carter, NP; Papenfuss, AT; Futreal, PA; Campbell, PJ; Yang, FT; Bentley, DR; Evers, DJ; Stratton, MR
Date Of Publication: 2012-02-17
Journal Title: CELL

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