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Author: He, WQ; Karl, S; White, MT; Nguitragool, W; Monteiro, W; Kuehn, A; Gruszczyk, J; Franca, CT; Sattabongkot, J; Lacerda, MVG; Tham, WH; Mueller, I
Date Of Publication: 2019-08-19
Journal Title: PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases

Author: Nascimento, J; Sampaio, VS; Karl, S; Kuehn, A; Almeida, A; Vitor-Silva, S; de Melo, GC; Baia da Silva, DC; CPLopes S; Fe, NF; Lima, JBP; Guerra, MGB; Pimenta, PFP; Bassat, Q; Mueller, I; Lacerda, MVG; Monteiro, WM
Date Of Publication: 2018-11-12
Journal Title: PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases

Author: Almeida, ACG; Kuehn, A; Castro, AJM; Vitor-Silva, S; Figueiredo, EFG; Brasil, LW; Brito, MAM; Sampaio, VS; Bassat, Q; Felger, I; Tadei, WP; Monteiro, WM; Mueller, I; Lacerda, MVG
Date Of Publication: 2018-03-20
Journal Title: Parasit & Vectors

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