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Author: Samson, AL; Zhang, Y; Geoghegan, ND; Gavin, XJ; Davies, KA; Mlodzianoski, MJ; Whitehead, LW; Frank, D; Garnish, SE; Fitzgibbon, C; Hempel, A; Young, SN; Jacobsen, AV; Cawthorne, W; Petrie, EJ; Faux, MC; Shield-Artin, K; Lalaoui, N; Hildebrand, JM; Silke, J; Rogers, KL; Lessene, G; Hawkins, ED; Murphy, JM
Date Of Publication: 2020-06-19
Journal Title: Nature Communications

Author: Petrie, EJ; Birkinshaw, RW; Koide, A; Denbaum, E; Hildebrand, JM; Garnish, SE; Davies, KA; Sandow, JJ; Samson, AL; Gavin, X; Fitzgibbon, C; Young, SN; Hennessy, PJ; Smith, PPC; Webb, AI; Czabotar, PE; Koide, S; Murphy, JM
Date Of Publication: 2020-03-31
Journal Title: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Author: Petrie, EJ; Sandow, JJ; Lehmann, WIL; Liang, LY; Coursier, D; Young, SN; Kersten, WJA; Fitzgibbon, C; Samson, AL; Jacobsen, AV; Lowes, KN; Au, AE; Jousset Sabroux, H; Lalaoui, N; Webb, AI; Lessene, G; Manning, G; Lucet, IS; Murphy, JM
Date Of Publication: 2019-09-24
Journal Title: Cell Reports

Author: Wang, T; Perera, ND; Chiam, MDF; Cuic, B; Wanniarachchillage, N; Tomas, D; Samson, AL; Cawthorne, W; Valor, EN; Murphy, JM; Turner, BJ
Date Of Publication: 2019-05
Journal Title: Cell Death and Differentiation

Author: Chin, HS; Li, MX; Tan, IKL; Ninnis, RL; Reljic, B; Scicluna, K; Dagley, LF; Sandow, JJ; Kelly, GL; Samson, AL; Chappaz, S; Khaw, SL; Chang, C; Morokoff, A; Brinkmann, K; Webb, A; Hockings, C; Hall, CM; Kueh, AJ; Ryan, MT; Kluck, RM; Bouillet, P; Herold, MJ; Gray, DHD; Huang, DCS; van Delft, MF; Dewson, G
Date Of Publication: 2018-11-26
Journal Title: Nature Communications

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