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Author: Vlaskamp, DRM; Shaw, BJ; Burgess, R; Mei, D; Montomoli, M; Xie, H; Myers, CT; Bennett, MF; XiangWei, W; Williams, D; Maas, SM; Brooks, AS; Mancini, GMS; van de Laar, Imbh; van Hagen, JM; Ware, TL; Webster, RI; Malone, S; Berkovic, SF; Kalnins, RM; Sicca, F; Korenke, GC; van Ravenswaaij-Arts, CMA; Hildebrand, MS; Mefford, HC; Jiang, Y; Guerrini, R; Scheffer, IE; includes Bahlo, MF
Date Of Publication: 2019-01-08
Journal Title: Neurology

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