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Author: Tan, TZ; Heong, V; Ye, J; Lim, D; Low, J; Choolani, M; Scott, C; Tan, DSP; Huang, RY
Date Of Publication: 2019-10-30
Journal Title: Journal of Pathology

Author: Tan, M; Asad, M; Heong, V; Wong, MK; Tan, TZ; Ye, J; Kuay, KT; Thiery, JP; Scott, C; Huang, RY
Date Of Publication: 2019-04
Journal Title: Molecular Oncology

Author: Liu, H; Sun, M; LIU, Z; Kong, C; Kong, W; Ye, J; Gong, J; Huang, DCS; Qian, F
Date Of Publication: 2019-01-15
Journal Title: Journal of Controlled Release

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