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Author: Roberts, AW; Ma, S; Kipps, TJ; Coutre, SE; Davids, MS; Eichhorst, B; Hallek, M; Byrd, JC; Humphrey, K; Zhou, L; Chyla, B; Nielsen, J; Potluri, J; Kim, SY; Verdugo, M; Stilgenbauer, S; Wierda, WG; Seymour, JF
Date Of Publication: 2019-07
Journal Title: Blood

Author: Stilgenbauer, S; Eichhorst, B; Schetelig, J; Hillmen, P; Seymour, JF; Coutre, S; Jurczak, W; Mulligan, SP; Schuh, A; Assouline, S; Wendtner, CM; Roberts, AW; Davids, MS; Bloehdorn, J; Munir, T; Bottcher, S; Zhou, L; Salem, AH; Desai, M; Chyla, B; Arzt, J; Kim, SY; Verdugo, M; Gordon, G; Hallek, M; Wierda, WG
Date Of Publication: 2018-07-01
Journal Title: Journal of Clinical Oncology

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