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Author: Dion, C; Roche, S; Laberthonniere, C; Broucqsault, N; Mariot, V; Xue, S; Gurzau, AD; Nowak, A; Gordon, CT; Gaillard, MC; El-Yazidi, C; Thomas, M; Schlupp-Robaglia, A; Missirian, C; Malan, V; Ratbi, L; Sefiani, A; Wollnik, B; Binetruy, B; Salort Campana, E; Attarian, S; Bernard, R; Nguyen, K; Amiel, J; Dumonceaux, J; Murphy, JM; Dejardin, J; Blewitt, ME; Reversade, B; Robin, JD; Magdinier, F
Date Of Publication: 2019-01-30
Journal Title: Nucleic Acids Research

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