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Author: Lee, EF; Harris, TJ; Tran, S; Evangelista, M; Arulananda, S; John, T; Ramnac, C; Hobbs, C; Zhu, H; Gunasingh, G; Segal, D; Behren, A; Cebon, J; Dobrovic, A; Mariadason, JM; Strasser, A; Rohrbeck, L; Haass, NK; Herold, MJ; Fairlie, WD
Date Of Publication: 2019-04-24
Journal Title: Cell Death & Disease

Author: Lucas, KM; Mohana-Kumaran, N; Lau, D; Zhang, XD; Hersey, P; Huang, DC; Weninger, W; Haass, NK; Allen, JD
Date Of Publication: 2012-02-01

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