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Author: Slater, HC; Ross, A; Felger, I; Hofmann, NE; Robinson, L; Cook, J; Goncalves, BP; Bjorkman, A; Ouedraogo, AL; Morris, U; Msellem, M; Koepfli, C; Mueller, I; Tadesse, F; Gadisa, E; Das, S; Domingo, G; Kapulu, M; Midega, J; Owusu-Agyei, S; Nabet, C; Piarroux, R; Doumbo, O; Doumbo, SN; Koram, K; Lucchi, N; Udhayakumar, V; Mosha, J; Tiono, A; Chandramohan, D; Gosling, R; Mwingira, F; Sauerwein, R; Riley, EM; White, NJ; Nosten, F; Imwong, M; Bousema, T; Drakeley, C; Okell, LC
Date Of Publication: 2019-03-29
Journal Title: Nature Communications

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