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Author: Dans, MG; Weiss, GE; Wilson, DW; Sleebs, BE; Crabb, BS; de Koning-Ward, TF; Gilson, PR
Date Of Publication: 2020-03-03
Journal Title: International Journal for Parasitology

Author: Gilson, PR; Kumarasingha, R; Thompson, J; Zhang, X; Penington, JS; Kalhor, R; Bullen, HE; Lehane, AM; Dans, MG; de Koning-Ward, TF; Holien, JK; Soares da Costa, TP; Hulett, MD; Buskes, MJ; Crabb, BS; Kirk, K; Papenfuss, AT; Cowman, AF; Abbott, BM
Date Of Publication: 2019-07-16
Journal Title: Scientific Reports

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