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Author: Jacquelot, N; Yamazaki, T; Roberti, MP; Duong, CPM; Andrews, MC; Verlingue, L; Ferrere, G; Becharef, S; Vetizou, M; Daillere, R; Messaoudene, M; Enot, DP; Stoll, G; Ugel, S; Marigo, I; Foong Ngiow, S; Marabelle, A; Prevost-Blondel, A; Gaudreau, PO; Gopalakrishnan, V; Eggermont, AM; Opolon, P; Klein, C; Madonna, G; Ascierto, PA; Sucker, A; Schadendorf, D; Smyth, MJ; Soria, JC; KROEMER, G; Bronte, V; Wargo, J; Zitvogel, L
Date Of Publication: 2019-10
Journal Title: Stem Cell Research

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