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Author: Leaver, DJ; Cleary, B; Nguyen, N; Priebbenow, DL; Lagiakos, HR; Sanchez, J; Xue, L; Huang, F; Sun, Y; Mujumdar, P; Mudududdla, R; Varghese, S; Teguh, S; Charman, SA; White, KL; Katneni, K; Cuellar, M; Strasser, JM; Dahlin, JL; Walters, MA; Street, IP; Monahan, BJ; Jarman, KE; Sabroux, HJ; Falk, H; Chung, MC; Hermans, SJ; Parker, MW; Thomas, T; Baell, JB
Date Of Publication: 2019-08-08
Journal Title: Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

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