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Author: Commons, RJ; Simpson, JA; Thriemer, K; Abreha, T; Adam, I; Anstey, NM; Assefa, A; Awab, GR; Baird, JK; Barber, BE; Chu, CS; Dahal, P; Daher, A; Davis, TME; Dondorp, AM; Grigg, MJ; Humphreys, GS; Hwang, J; Karunajeewa, H; Laman, M; Lidia, K; Moore, BR; Mueller, I; Nosten, F; Pasaribu, AP; Pereira, DB; Phyo, AP; Poespoprodjo, JR; Sibley, CH; Stepniewska, K; Sutanto, I; Thwaites, G; Hien, TT; White, NJ; William, T; Woodrow, CJ; Guerin, PJ; Price, RN
Date Of Publication: 2019-10
Journal Title: PLoS Medicine

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