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Author: Zhang, H; Christensen, CL; Dries, R; Oser, MG; Deng, J; Diskin, B; Li, F; Pan, Y; Zhang, X; Yin, Y; Papadopoulos, E; Pyon, V; Thakurdin, C; Kwiatkowski, N; Jani, K; Rabin, AR; Castro, DM; Chen, T; Silver, H; Huang, Q; Bulatovic, M; Dowling, CM; Sundberg, B; Leggett, A; Ranieri, M; Han, H; Li, S; Yang, A; Labbe, KE; Almonte, C; Sviderskiy, VO; QUINN, M; Donaghue, J; Wang, ES; Zhang, T; He, Z; Velcheti, V; Hammerman, PS; Freeman, GJ; Bonneau, R; Kaelin, WG, Jr; Sutherland, KD; Kersbergen, A; Aguirre, AJ; Yuan, GC; Rothenberg, E; Miller, G; Gray, NS; Wong, KK
Date Of Publication: 2020-01-13
Journal Title: Cancer Cell

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