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Author: Findeisen, M; Allen, TL; Henstridge, DC; Kammoun, H; Brandon, AE; Baggio, LL; Watt, KI; Pal, M; Cron, L; Estevez, E; Yang, C; Kowalski, GM; O'Reilly, L; Egan, C; Sun, E; Thai, LM; Krippner, G; Adams, TE; Lee, RS; Grotzinger, J; Garbers, C; Risis, S; Kraakman, MJ; Mellet, NA; Sligar, J; Kimber, ET; Young, RL; Cowley, MA; Bruce, CR; Meikle, PJ; Baldock, PA; Gregorevic, P; Biden, TJ; Cooney, GJ; Keating, DJ; Drucker, DJ; Rose-John, S; Febbraio, MA
Date Of Publication: 2019-10
Journal Title: Nature

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