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Author: Turner, N; Wong, HL; Templeton, A; Tripathy, S; Rogers, TW; Croxford, M; Jones, I; Sinnathamby, M; Desai, J; Tie, J; Bae, S; Christie, M; Gibbs, P; Tran, B
Date Of Publication: 2016-02-01
Journal Title: Int J Cancer

Author: Ananda, S; Wong, H; Faragher, I; Jones, IT; Steele, M; Kosmider, S; Desai, J; Tie, J; Field, K; Wong, R; Tran, B; Bae, S; Gibbs, P
Date Of Publication: 2015-09-29
Journal Title: Intern Med J

Author: Turner, N; Tran, B; Tran, PV; Sinnathamby, M; Wong, HL; Jones, I; Croxford, M; Desai, J; Tie, J; Field, KM; Kosmider, S; Bae, S; Gibbs, P
Date Of Publication: 2015-09
Journal Title: Clin Colorectal Cancer

Author: Lok, SW; Wong, HL; Kosmider, S; Field, K; Tie, J; Desai, J; Bae, S; Tacey, M; Skinner, I; Jones, I; Gibbs, P
Date Of Publication: 2014-08-17
Journal Title: Asia Pac J Clin Oncol

Author: Bae, S; Desai, J
Date Of Publication: 2014-01
Journal Title: Clin. Gastroenterol. Hepatol.

Author: Bae, S; Friedlander, M; Scott, CL
Date Of Publication: 2011-12

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