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Author: Munkhbaatar, E; Dietzen, M; Agrawal, D; Anton, M; Jesinghaus, M; Boxberg, M; Pfarr, N; Bidola, P; Uhrig, S; Hockendorf, U; Meinhardt, AL; Wahida, A; Heid, I; Braren, R; Mishra, R; Warth, A; Muley, T; Poh, PSP; Wang, X; Frohling, S; Steiger, K; Slotta-Huspenina, J; van Griensven, M; Pfeiffer, F; Lange, S; Rad, R; Spella, M; Stathopoulos, GT; Ruland, J; Bassermann, F; Weichert, W; Strasser, A; Branca, C; Heikenwalder, M; Swanton, C; McGranahan, N; Jost, PJ
Date Of Publication: 2020-09-10
Journal Title: Nature Communications

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