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Author: Garg, G; Muschaweckh, A; Moreno, H; Vasanthakumar, A; Floess, S; Lepennetier, G; Oellinger, R; Zhan, Y; Regen, T; Hiltensperger, M; Peter, C; Aly, L; Knier, B; Palam, LR; Kapur, R; Kaplan, MH; Waisman, A; Rad, R; Schotta, G; Huehn, J; Kallies, A; Korn, T
Date Of Publication: 2019-02-12
Journal Title: Cell Reports

Author: Shimshon, L; Michaeli, A; Hadar, R; Nutt, SL; David, Y; Navon, A; Waisman, A; Tirosh, B
Date Of Publication: 2011-08
Journal Title: FEBS LETTERS

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