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Author: Kwan, EM; Fettke, H; Docanto, MM; To, SQ; Bukczynska, P; Mant, A; Pook, D; Ng, N; Graham, LK; Mangiola, S; Segelov, E; Mahon, K; Davis, ID; Parente, P; Pezaro, C; Todenhofer, T; Horvath, LG; Azad, AA
Date Of Publication: 2019-05-15
Journal Title: European Urology Focus

Author: Day, D; Kanjanapan, Y; Kwan, E; Yip, D; Lawrentschuk, N; Davis, ID; Azad, AA; Wong, S; Rosenthal, M; Gibbs, P; Tran, B
Date Of Publication: 2016-08-10
Journal Title: Internal Medicine Journal

Author: Day, D; Kanjanapan, Y; Kwan, E; Yip, D; Lawrentschuk, N; Andrews, M; Davis, ID; Azad, AA; Rosenthal, M; Wong, S; Johnstone, A; Gibbs, P; Tran, B
Date Of Publication: 2015-10
Journal Title: BJU Int

Author: Lawrentschuk, N; Lee, FT; Jones, G; Rigcpoulos, A; Mountain, A; O'Keefe, G; Papenfuss, AT; Bolton, DM; Davis, ID; Scott, AM
Date Of Publication: 2011-07

Author: Schnurr, M; Chen, QY; Shin, A; Chen, WS; Toy, T; Jenderek, C; Green, S; Miloradovic, L; Drane, D; Davis, ID; Villadangos, J; Shortman, K; Maraskovsky, E; Cebon, J
Date Of Publication: 2005-03-15
Journal Title: BLOOD

Author: Jefford, M; Schnurr, M; Toy, T; Masterman, KA; Shin, A; Beecroft, T; Tai, TY; Shortman, K; Shackleton, M; Davis, ID; Parente, P; Luft, T; Chen, WS; Cebon, J; Maraskovsky, E
Date Of Publication: 2003-09-01
Journal Title: BLOOD

Author: Davis, ID; Maher, DW; Cebon, JS; Green, MD; Fox, RM; McKendrick, JJ; Rybak, ME; Boyd, AW
Date Of Publication: 2000

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