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Author: Delbridge, ARD; Kueh, AJ; Ke, F; Zamudio, NM; El-Saafin, F; Jansz, N; Wang, GY; Iminitoff, M; Beck, T; Haupt, S; Hu, Y; May, RE; Whitehead, L; Tai, L; Chiang, W; Herold, MJ; Haupt, Y; Smyth, GK; Thomas, T; Blewitt, ME; Strasser, A; Voss, AK
Date Of Publication: 2019-04-09
Journal Title: Cell Reports

Author: Zamudio, NM; Scott, HS; Wolski, K; Lo, CY; Law, C; Leong, D; Kinkel, SA; Chong, SY; Jolley, D; Smyth, GK; de Kretser, D; Whitelaw, E; O'Bryan, MK
Date Of Publication: 2011-03-31
Journal Title: PLOS ONE

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