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Author: White, S; Ohnesorg, T; Notini, A; Roeszler, K; Hewitt, J; Daggag, H; Smith, C; Turbitt, E; Gustin, S; van den Bergen, J; Miles, D; Western, P; Arboleda, V; Schumacher, V; Gordon, L; Bell, K; Bengtsson, H; Speed, T; Hutson, J; Warne, G; Harley, V; Koopman, P; Vilain, E; Sinclair, A
Date Of Publication: 2011-03-07
Journal Title: PLOS ONE

Author: Sinclair, A; White, S; Daggag, H; Gordon, L; Bengtsson, H; Speed, TP; Vilain, E
Date Of Publication: 2008-01-01

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