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Author: Vasanthakumar, A; Chisanga, D; Blume, J; Gloury, R; Britt, K; Henstridge, DC; Zhan, Y; Torres, SV; Liene, S; Collins, N; Cao, E; Sidwell, T; Li, C; Spallanzani, RG; Liao, Y; Beavis, PA; Gebhardt, T; Trevaskis, N; Nutt, SL; Zajac, JD; Davey, RA; Febbraio, MA; Mathis, D; Shi, W; Kallies, A
Date Of Publication: 2020-02-26
Journal Title: Nature

Author: Gianatti, EJ; Dupuis, P; Hoermann, R; Strauss, BJ; Wentworth, JM; Zajac, JD; Grossmann, M
Date Of Publication: 2014-05-07
Journal Title: Diabetes Care

Author: Hamilton, EJ; Gianatti, E; Strauss, BJ; Wentworth, J; Lim-Joon, D; Bolton, D; Zajac, JD; Grossmann, M
Date Of Publication: 2011-03

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