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Author: Fairfield, H; Gilbert, GJ; Barter, M; Corrigan, RR; Curtain, M; Ding, YM; D'Ascenzo, M; Gerhardt, DJ; He, C; Huang, WH; Richmond, T; Rowe, L; Probst, FJ; Bergstrom, DE; Murray, SA; Bult, C; Richardson, J; Kile, BT; Gut, I; Hager, J; Sigurdsson, S; Mauceli, E; Di Palma, F; Lindblad-Toh, K; Cunningham, ML; Cox, TC; Justice, MJ; Spector, MS; Lowe, SW; Albert, T; Donahue, LR; Jeddeloh, J; Shendure, J; Reinholdt, LG
Date Of Publication: 2011

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