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Author: Peng, LF; Kapp, EA; Fenyo, D; Kwon, MS; Jiang, P; Wu, SF; Jiang, Y; Aguilar, MI; Ahmed, N; Baker, MS; Cai, ZW; Chen, YJ; Van Chi, P; Chung, MCM; He, FC; Len, ACL; Liao, PC; Nakamura, K; Ngai, SM; Paik, YK; Pan, TL; Poon, TCW; Salekdeh, GH; Simpson, RJ; Sirdeshmukh, R; Srisomsap, C; Svasti, J; Tyan, YC; Dreyer, FS; McLauchlan, D; Rawson, P; Jordan, TW
Date Of Publication: 2010-11
Journal Title: PROTEOMICS

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