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Author: Gorringe, KL; George, J; Anglesio, MS; Ramakrishna, M; Etemadmoghadam, D; Cowin, P; Sridhar, A; Williams, LH; Boyle, SE; Yanaihara, N; Okamoto, A; Urashima, M; Smyth, GK; Campbell, IG; Bowtell, DDL
Date Of Publication: 2010-09-10
Journal Title: PLOS ONE

Author: Ramakrishna, M; Williams, LH; Boyle, SE; Bearfoot, JL; Sridhar, A; Speed, TP; Gorringe, KL; Campbell, IG
Date Of Publication: 2010-04-08
Journal Title: PLOS ONE

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