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Author: Wee, K; Hediyeh-Zadeh, S; Duszyc, K; Verma, S; Nanavati, B; Khare, S; Varma, A; Daly, RJ; Yap, AS; Davis, MJ; Budnar, S
Date Of Publication: 2020-05-28
Journal Title: Journal of Cell Science

Author: Patel, O; Griffin, MDW; Panjikar, S; Dai, W; Ma, X; Chan, H; Zheng, C; Kropp, A; Murphy, JM; Daly, RJ; Lucet, IS
Date Of Publication: 2017-10-27
Journal Title: Nat Commun

Author: Liu, L; Phua, YW; Lee, RS; Ma, X; Jenkins, Y; Novy, K; Humphrey, ES; Chan, H; Shearer, R; Ong, PC; Dai, W; Saunders, DN; Lucet, IS; Daly, RJ
Date Of Publication: 2016-08-16
Journal Title: Journal of Biological Chemistry

Author: Murphy, JM; Zhang, Q; Young, SN; Reese, ML; Bailey, FP; Eyers, PA; Ungureanu, D; Hammaren, H; Silvennoinen, O; Varghese, LN; Chen, K; Tripaydonis, A; Jura, N; Fukuda, K; Qin, J; Nimchuk, Z; Mudgett, MB; Elowe, S; Gee, CL; Liu, L; Daly, RJ; Manning, G; Babon, JJ; Lucet, IS
Date Of Publication: 2014-01-15
Journal Title: The Biochemical journal

Author: Zhang, LX; Holmes, IP; Hochgrafe, F; Walker, SR; Ali, NA; Humphrey, ES; Wu, JM; de Silva, M; Kersten, WJA; Connor, T; Falk, H; Allan, L; Street, IP; Bentley, JD; Pilling, PA; Monahan, BJ; Peat, TS; Daly, RJ
Date Of Publication: 2013-07

Author: Murphy, NC; Biankin, AV; Millar, EKA; McNeil, CM; O'Toole, SA; Segara, D; Crea, P; Olayioye, MA; Lee, CS; Fox, SB; Morey, AL; Christie, M; Musgrove, EA; Daly, RJ; Lindeman, GJ; Henshall, SM; Visvader, JE; Sutherland, RL
Date Of Publication: 2010-03-15

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