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Author: McKenzie, MD; Jamieson, E; Jansen, ES; Scott, CL; Huang, DCS; Bouillet, P; Allison, J; Kay, TWH; Strasser, A; Thomas, HE
Date Of Publication: 2010-03
Journal Title: DIABETES

Author: Knight, KR; Uda, Y; Findlay, MW; Brown, DL; Cronin, KJ; Jamieson, E; Tai, T; Keramidaris, E; Penington, AJ; Rophael, J; Harrison, LC; Morrison, WA
Date Of Publication: 2006-01
Journal Title: FASEB JOURNAL

Author: Jamieson, E; Chong, MMW; Steinberg, GR; Jovanovska, V; Fam, BC; Bullen, DVR; Chen, Y; Kemp, BE; Proietto, J; Kay, TWH; Andrikopoulos, S
Date Of Publication: 2005-09-09

Author: Chong, MMW; Metcalf, D; Jamieson, E; Alexander, WS; Kay, TWH
Date Of Publication: 2005-09-01
Journal Title: BLOOD

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